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October 16, 2020

Dear Piscataway Families:

Our return to school with a hybrid in-person learning plan on November 16 is quickly approaching.  As I mentioned in a previous letter and at our October Board of Education Meeting, we are going to change the sequence of days for our learning plan to assist families in various ways.  We will need you to notify us of your intention to send your child(ren) to school on a hybrid learning plan or keep them in an all-remote setting.

Having all the information will help you make your decision – please see the points below.

  • Students choosing hybrid in-person instruction would be broken into 2 groups
  • Siblings throughout the district will be placed in the same in-person attendance group
  • One group will attend school every Monday and Tuesday*
  • The other group will attend school every Thursday and Friday*
  • The groups will alternate coming to school every other Wednesday*
  • Unless otherwise noted on the district calendar – all grade levels will attend full days of school
  • Grab-and-go lunches will be served in school and also distributed for non-school days as per our established program. More information regarding this process will follow.
  • Transportation services will be available
  • Subscription bussing will be available
  • Before and after care will be available
  • All-remote students and hybrid students on “at home days” will continue to learn remotely as they are now. The same classes and processes will be in place.
  • Videos for each schools’ health and safety procedures can be found on their individual websites beginning Tuesday, October 20

*Weeks would look like this:

Week 1           Group 1 would attend school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

                        Group 2 would attend school Thursday and Friday


Week 2           Group 1 would attend school Monday and Tuesday

                        Group 2 would attend school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

And the weeks would alternate back and forth. There will be no adjustment of the in-school group calendar for holidays. The district will publish a monthly calendar identifying which hybrid group would be attending school on which days.

In order to finalize the specifics of our plan, please complete the Genesis Form found at the link below by Friday, October 30. There are only two questions and your response to each question is necessary. Please note – you can still choose the all remote option for your child(ren) in the Genesis Form. It is required for all families to complete this new survey form – the district will not be calculating any data from the survey you completed over the summer.



Directions:      Form must be filled out for each child in the family attending school

1. Login to the Parent Module

2. Select your child

3. Click on the “Form” tab and select “Learning Plan – Parent Form”

4. Read and fill out form – you must answer both questions

5. Click on “Update Answers” to save

6. Repeat process 2-5 for additional children

Thank you for your assistance as we finalize our re-entry attendance. More information will follow regarding group assignment, re-entry protocols, and expectations as we get closer to our in-person return date. Please reach out to your child’s principal with any questions.

Very sincerely,

Dr Frank Ranelli
Dr. Frank Ranelli


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