Welcome to Mathematics

Piscataway Township Schools

Office of Curriculum and Instruction


Daniel J. Ross, Esq.
Supervisor of Mathematics, 7-12 
(732)572-2289 x2539

Rebecca Dayton
Supervisor of Mathematics, PK-6
(732)572-2289 x2598




     With the increasing need to apply and be able to use mathematics in everyday life and in the workplace, our district believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn significant mathematics with depth and understanding. Aware that our students exhibit different talents, abilities, needs, and interests in mathematics, our program engages  students with a deep interest in pursuing mathematical and scientific careers as well as providing opportunities and support for those with special educational needs.  Calculators and other technologies are used at all levels to enhance important mathematics concepts, explore numbers and patterns, focus on problem-solving experiences, and investigate real-life applications. District benchmark assessments, along with mandatory performance tasks are administered throughout the year in order to monitor student progress and guide instruction.