Counseling K-12

The American School Counselor Association honored 
Piscataway’s K-12 Developmental Counseling Program as a 
National Exemplary Program

On the K-12 School Counseling web site you will find names and contact information for our District team of developmental school counselors, a listing of parent evening workshops, and updates on elementary counseling, middle school counseling, high school counseling, and our high school Career Center. Included in the high school section is important information on financial aid. We maintain our list of scholarship opportunities regularly. Also included are SAT information and a hyperlink to the College Board web site. Please visit our web site. We think you will discover useful resources and information about our programs.



Counseling Staff for 2017-2018

Ms. Deidre Ortiz, Director of Pupil Services (732-572-2289 x2554)
Mrs. Theresa Edmondson, Supervisor of College, Career & Personal Guidance
(732-981-0700 x2232)
Dr. Deborah Dawson, Supervisor of K-8 Counseling and Health Services
(732-699-1563 x5480)

Linda Pols, District Counseling Secretary (732-981-0700 x2024) 

Piscataway High School (732-981-0700)

West Wing

East Wing

Rosie Nemes – Secretary (x2222)

Betty Snyder –Secretary (x2231)

Patricia Nazaire (x2237)

Shirley Aviles (x2027)

Benita Ogburn-Mclean (x2226)

Jennifer Mandell-McHenry (x2450)

Kelly Chilakos (x2228)

Shar-Mekka Pernell (x2238)

Mark Kiang (x2234)

Pam Travis (x2227)

Brian Wischusen (x2224)

Daniel Zarchin (x2236)

Conackamack (732-699-1577)

Deborah Previte, Secretary (x5115)

Susan Manley (x5117)

Dr. Kelvin Rogers (x5116)

Quibbletown (732-752-0444)

Nancy Rutowski, Secretary (x5314)

Dr. Beth Barbarasch (x5359)

Mawiyah Husbands (x5316)

Catherine Sotolongo

Schor (732-752-4457)

Jean Gransky, Secretary (x5214)

Dr. Kathryn Garcia (x5217)

Wendy Johansen

Uma Patel

Intermediate Schools

Arbor (732-752-8652)

King (732-699-1563)

Robyn Rosenthal (x5556)
Maria Balint (x5508)

Dr. Olga Diamantis (x5461)


Elementary Schools









Sara Haarburger (x5648)

Dr. Heather Blumert (x5757)
Maria Balint (x5757)

Dr. Sarah Aboudara (x5822)

Caitlyn Mehok (x5904)

The Haven


Evelina Goitia (x2250)

Dr. Pat Connelly, Director