Superintendent's Corner

October 1, 2021

Dear Piscataway Families:

We have successfully completed the first month of the 2021-2022 school year with fulltime in-person learning. Our students are happy to be back in school, learning together and helping each other. We want to continue this momentum and as we move throughout the year, we want every student to grow to their full potential.

Social Media

We also want to avoid problems — many of which are amplified through social media. We encourage all of our parents and guardians to discuss responsible use of social media with their students, a subject we also appropriately address at every grade level. We are particularly concerned about recent “TikTok Challenges” directed at students through social media platforms to complete some type of task at school and post videos of such. Many of these challenges go completely against our Student Code of Conduct, and students who break the Code of Conduct will be disciplined as outlined. We continue to partner with parents/guardians to communicate potential issues and increase the positive uses of social media.

School Nutrition Program Deadline Extended

The deadline to fill out the School Nutrition Program Application has been extended to October 10. This means that all families who fill out the application by October 10 will receive free iPad insurance. We encourage all families to fill out this application, as not only does this program help all families who qualify, it also helps the district overall, as some of our federal funding is measured by the number of families who qualify.

I hope you enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend.


Dr Frank Ranelli
Dr. Frank Ranelli
Superintendent of SChools