Welcome to the Science Department

Piscataway Township Schools

Office of Curriculum and Instruction


Jeffrey Celebre

Coordinator for Science, K-8

(732) 572-2289 x2506


Gita Manchanda

Science Department Chair, 9-12

(732) 981-0700 x2242


Application of scientific knowledge is at the forefront of instruction in the Piscataway Science Department.  The vision of science education is by tapping into the natural curiosity of our students, they will access learning through discovery and exploration.  Our goal is for students to gain an understanding of scientific phenomena through their applications, as opposed to memorization of facts.  To achieve this, students will be collaborating in hands-on investigations with their peers to ask questions, develop models, construct claims from evidence, and design solutions to problems.  Our students will engage in unit and topic investigations that empower them to independently identify variables to explore.  These investigations, and the subsequent constructed explanations, will allow teachers to monitor and guide student progress towards reaching grade level performance expectations.