District Plans

Board of Education
District Goals


1: Student Achievement and Engagement

To provide a range of opportunities that engage and inspire all students and allow them to reach their maximum potential.

2: Community Engagement and Involvement

To provide communication methods and engagement programs to all our stakeholders and families that will offer educational and involvement opportunities.

3: Health and Wellness

To promote student and staff wellness through programs, activities, and access to supportive resources.

4: Facilities / Finance

Maximize all funding resources to enable the district to provide and support a safe and engaging learning environment.


1. Empower and inspire professional staff by facilitating dialogue with administration in order to develop and promote best practices and support and encourage innovation.

2.     Enhance the educational program through:
a. Providing support to students that are transitioning to a new school or post-secondary opportunities to meet expectations for academic achievement and social and emotional wellness.
b. The addition of district staff and student mentoring training at all grade levels.
c. The improvement of curriculum continuity across grade levels by providing opportunities for increased staff collaboration.
3.     Enhance our technology initiative by:
a. Continuing the implementation of our 1to 1iPad initiative at PHS.
b. Increasing staff technology integration at all levels to better use technology as a tool to deliver curriculum.
c. Educating students on the responsible use of technology, with an emphasis on appropriate and respectful behavior on social and electronic media platforms.

4.     Strengthen school safety and security by:
a. Physical and facility improvements.
b. Utilizing the expertise of our Safety Director to analyze current safety procedures, strengthen our safety plans, and continue to infuse safety officers into  our school community culture.
c. Promoting a culture of safety in our schools and our community.
d. Conducting appropriate cyber-security tests and taking necessary steps to strengthen our virtual systems.

5.     Promote a culture of wellness and trust in the district by:
a. Building rapport between faculty and students in an environment of acceptance of and appreciation for cultural,economic, and social differences.
b. Improving  community  outreach  and  engagement,  including  efforts  to  promote  the recognition of the quality of our district's education.
c. Continuing to strengthen our district wellness and mental health initiatives and provide opportunities that will assist staff and students in self-care.


1.   Educate: The Board will engage in professional development opportunities including trainings with the NJSBA, book group discussions exploring topics relevant to educational theory and practice, and retreats to review the district’s academic achievement and progress toward the district goals.

2.   Communicate: The Board will streamline its communication between and among its members through tech-based training, exploration of paperless meetings and communication, and utilization of technological tools and devices to become more efficient.

3.   Support: The Board will support and foster a culture of social and emotional wellness through Board actions and initiatives.

4.   Inspire: The Board will continue to support the YOU, I, WE Inspire initiative with an added emphasis on programs that seek to bridge the achievement gap and promote educational equity.