Facility Upgrades Improve Our Schools
Facility Upgrades Improve Our Schools
Posted on 08/24/2015
Weight Room Walls Go Up at PHS!

Summer means vacation time for most members of our school community, but for our Facilities Department, it’s a different story. Summer offers the opportunity to give our schools a thorough cleaning and needed upgrades. Stop in any of our schools throughout the summer and you’ll find facilities staff painting walls, polishing floors, and cleaning surfaces that throughout the school year are covered by books, papers, and projects.

Additionally, time-consuming upgrades can be completed during the summer. When students return in September, they will find a new roof over Schor Middle School, new landscaping at Arbor, and the High School weight room completely enclosed. Many classrooms have a new coat of paint, as does the Schor cafeteria and lockers in the Anthony Wing of the High School. We continued our asbestos abatement program with new tile replacement in the Grandview cafeteria, the high school attendance office, and several classrooms. Other classroom spaces had old carpet replaced with new tiles.

Our schools are ready to welcome back our students for the 2015-2016 school year!