2016 Summer Curricular Projects



Dear Parents and Guardians:

While summer projects are optional, with the exception of AP and Expository Writing students, we strongly believe that this work is important for a variety of reasons.  First, students can avoid the “summer slide” in their reading and mathematics skills.  The project will help to reinforce pre-requisite skills; thus leaving them better prepared for learning when the school year begins in September.  Second, the work students do on their projects will be incorporated into class discussion and other coursework especially during the month of September.  Finally, work on summer projects will help students transition for their new coursework in their language arts and mathematics classes next school year.

For middle and high school students choosing to complete the project, the grade these students earn on the project may be used to replace a test or project grade from the first marking period of your language arts or mathematics course, as designated by the teacher of the course.  Scoring will be based on the rubric attached to each project.

All projects need to be handed in on or by September 9, 2016

To access the summer assignment:

  • In the side menu, click on 2016 Math Summer Projects or 2016 Language Arts Summer Projects
  • Find your child’s projects posted by course they are entering for the 2016-2017 academic school year.

If you have any questions, please email rcoleman@pway.org or call 732-572-2289, extension 2589.

Thank you.